Interested in learning more about the field of advancement? We offer a handful of student positions throughout the year.

Student call center

Offering flexible schedules, exceptional pay, and a great atmosphere, the Washington University Call Center is a great work option for students. The center provides meaningful work that supports the mission of the university. Annual Fund gifts made through phonathon efforts support scholarships, fellowships, and outstanding faculty, and help enhance students’ living and learning environments.

The Call Center has more than 70 undergraduate and graduate students on staff whose degree programs include political science, biology, psychology, occupational therapy, biomedical engineering, and more. The center is open year-round, and callers speak to more than 50,000 alumni, parents, and friends each year. Students earn a starting wage of $10.30 per hour with an opportunity for monthly bonuses by calling alumni, parents, and friends of WashU and asking for their financial support. In addition, the center can accommodate students’ academic and personal schedules with flexible work hours.

For more information, contact Laura Warren, Program Center Manager, 314-643-9728

Reunion internship

As a Washington University Reunion intern, you’ll work with University Advancement staff to carry out the dozens of events that take place over our undergraduate Reunion weekends: Reunion at Thurtene Carnival (April 8–10, 2022), Reunion at Commencement (May 19–21, 2022), and WashU Reunion 5th–45th (June 10–12, 2022).

In this paid position, students help University Advancement staff with event planning, management, and execution to ensure fun, successful events for all alumni. Students also have the opportunity to meet and talk with the many prominent alumni who return to celebrate their WashU Reunions.

Benefits of Reunion internships:

  • Network with alumni and staff
  • Work in a team-oriented environment
  • Build leadership experience
  • Gain an increased knowledge of Washington University and its community of alumni
  • Meals are provided during work shifts

Application will be available in January.

If interested, contact Kathy Budde, associate director, Alumni and Constituent Engagement.

Work-study positions

Join the University Advancement team and learn more about alumni outreach and programming in higher education. Positions typically require six to 10 hours per week during the semester and may involve data entry, filing, mailings, research, copying, and helping with special projects, reporting, and events. If you’re interested, look for current job openings in University Advancement. You must be work-study eligible to apply.