To better understand University Advancement’s use of email for marketing purposes — and provide the best support — the Digital Strategy team is asking one member from each UA team to fill out the following survey. This information also will help establish appropriate permissions in ARCH, so please take the time to provide thorough answers.

A “broadcast email campaign” — also known as an email blast, mass email, or marketing email — is a general communication (e.g., invitation, solicitation, newsletter, update, etc.) sent to a group of contacts.

University Advancement Email Marketing Survey
Is your team using any platforms other than Emma to send broadcast email campaigns? Check all that apply.
How do you characterize your team’s familiarity and comfort-level using Emma or other email marketing platform
Approximately how many contacts are included in your email lists?
Provide the approximate number of broadcast email campaigns/projects your team sends annually.
Do you maintain a calendar for your annual broadcast email campaigns? If yes, please attach your most recent sample.

Maximum file size: 33.55MB

Does your team have a standard review and approval process?
Have you ever asked anyone in AdComm to review an email before sending?